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Fibernet Makes Concrete Better


Monofilament Fiber

Monofilament FibersFIBERNET monofilament fibers provide effective crack resistance with a smooth finish. All fibers are manufactured from 100% virgin polypropylene. A special low foam finish coating prevents balling and promotes even dispersion of the fibers. Monofilament fibers are an excellent addition to stamped or decorative concrete applications.

Monofilament Packaging
Standard Product Packaging
Weight 1 Pound
Bags per Box 24 Bags
Boxes per Pallet 36 Boxes
Bags per Pallet 864 Bags


Use FIBERNET monofilament fibers when a smooth finish is critical. Monofilament fibers are nearly invisible in the finish project.

Fibrillated vs. Monofilament
Monofilament Example