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Fibernet Makes Concrete Better


Concrete Reinforcement Fiber vs. Welded Wire Fabric

  Reinforcement Fibers Welded Wire Fabrics (WWF)
1. Reduction of permeability Can increase permeability
2. Bonds effectively with concrete permanently Bond can deteriorate over time
3. Improves surface durability No surface protection provided
4. Improves impact, shatter and abrasion resistance Minor resistance provided if properly placed
5. Easy to use and cost effective - no labor costs Difficult to install and expensive - high labor costs
6. Made in U.S.A. Not always made in the U.S.A.
7. Easy to place in concrete mix - No minimum cover Difficult to place, especially if rolls - 1" minimum cover required
8. Easy to finish with minor effect on workability of mix No effect on finish, but difficult to maintain placement in slab
9. Alkali resistant Will deteriorate if not properly placed and protected
10. Acid resistant Will deteriorate if not properly placed and protected
11. Corrosion resistant Corrodes when exposed to water and chemicals
12. Retards evaporation (bleed water reduction) and extends hydration process No effect
13. Increases early strengths of plain non -reinforced concrete No effect
14. Increases tensile strength of plain non-reinforced concrete Increases tensile strength if properly placed
15. Provides three dimensional reinforcement Provides reinforcement in one plane
16. Increases ductility Increases ductility if properly placed
17. Increases freeze-thaw resistance No effect
18. Always positioned in accordance with codes Seldom placed properly
19. No lasting aesthetics and can be easily remedied if necessary Permanent if visible with little remedy possible
20. Utilized in air-placed concrete Not applicable
21. No structural integrity available Some if properly placed
22. Meets or exceeds ASTM specifications Meets ASTM specifications if placed properly
23. Can be stored for long periods of time Storage difficult and detrimental if stored outside

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