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Fibernet Makes Concrete Better


FIBERNET Product Testimonials / Case Studies

Fiber Reinforced Concrete

FIBERNET For Aesthetics

A professional concrete stamper in Oklahoma City, OK adds fiber to all of his jobs. This beautiful entrance requires top quality workmanship, the best material, and fiber reinforcement.

Reinforced Concrete StreetConcrete Reinforcement Fiber For Roads

A busy street in Wichita, KS. A 3" concrete overlay known as white topping, uses a double dose of fiber, 3# per cubic yard. FIBERNET meets all the requirements for ICBO and ASTM 1116 C certification.

Reinforced Concrete StreetUse FIBERNET for All Your Concrete Reinforcement Needs

From agricultural feed bunks to commercial parking
garages to industrial floors, FIBERNET has rockhard solutions for your plastic shrinkage concerns.

Reinforced Concrete StreetWe Have Packages to Suit Your Concrete Reinforcement Needs

FIBERNET is used on your best work! We have any type of fiber you need. Any cut, any packaging, and quick timely delivery.