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ColorbaleColorbale® NetwrapNew!

Right over the edge

Farmer's is proud to announce the launch of Colorbale®

Colorbale® is a new distinctively coloured, over-the-edge premium net wrap from FARMER'S®.

  • Over the Edge Coverage
  • Consistently Reliable
  • Designed for High Performance
  • Color-coded loading indicators

Extensively researched to give you over-the-edge coverage with innovative color-coded loading indicators. Colorbale is designed to be flat, straight and true with no yarn marker ridges, while still being simple to use and consistently reliable.

Each roll's surface is completely flat which allows clean rotation of the roll without contact or snagging – true free running. Our new color-coded loading indicator makes Colorbale simple and quick to load and gives full over-the-edge bale coverage.

As always, we strive to guarantee the high standards and quality you expect from FARMER'S® products. Our six stage quality control process ensures true reliability and strength. While our Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001) and Environmental (ISO 14001) accreditations demonstrate our professional standards. In addition, our twin manufacturing plants (in Europe and the USA) and international distribution network ensures we can get you product when you need it.


Over the edge Coverage

  • Innovative color-coded loading indicator allows clear and easy loading
  • Our new stretch technology brings you reliable and consistent over-the-edge coverage
  • Unique colouring and design means it is to see which way to remove the netting when using your forage
  • There is an end-of-roll warning stripe

Consistently Reliable

  • Our straight and true product design gives free-rolling without surface contact or snagging
  • Consistent strength, length and over-the-edge coverage
  • Roll surface is complete flat – straight, true & uniform – with no yarn marker 'ridges'
  • New innovative premium product for better durability and preservation of your crop

Designed for High Performance

  • Extensive research means this new premium product will meet your performance needs
  • A six stage quality control process to ensure true reliability and strength
  • The excellent quality you expect from FARMER'S® products
  • Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001) and Environmental (ISO 14001) accreditations demonstrate our professional standards
Colorbale Specifications:
Brand Roll Length Roll Width Rolls per Pallet
Colorbale Netwrap 10,500' 51" 16"
Colorbale Netwrap 7,700' 67 16

Download the Colorbale Flyer