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Farmer's Net Wrap ColorBlock

Farmer's Net WrapBenefits of Net Wrapped Bales:

  • Increases production time requiring only 2 ½ wraps per bale versus 16 or more with twine.
  • Less bale wrap reduces wear and tear on equipment.
  • Net wrapping process provides a well shaped bale that is easily transported
  • Saves money by repelling moisture to maintain hay quality throughout the feeding season.
  • Quickly remove netwrap from the bale making disposal more efficient than twine.
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Each roll is core tagged to a specific production run.

Farmers Net Wrap Offers:

  • Fully spreading net from edge to edge
  • Guaranteed minimum length
  • 6-Stage quality control with traceability
  • Red edge for ease of installation
  • End of roll warning stripe
  • UV stabilized

Farmer's Net Wrap Packaging


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Sizes Available

Width Length Rolls Per Pallet
48" 9,840' 16
48" 6,200' 16
51" 9,840' 16
51" 6,200' 16
64" 7,000' 16
67" 7,000' 16









Colorbale® Netwrap

Colorbale® is a new distinctively coloured, over-the-edge premium net wrap from FARMER'S®.

Extensively researched to give you over-the-edge coverage with innovative color-coded loading indicators. Colorbale is designed to be flat, straight and true with no yarn marker ridges, while still being simple to use and consistently reliable.

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Right over the edge









Across Coverage - Ranger Edition

Across Coverage - Ranger Edition is our Heavy Duty bale net for cornstalk baling and is 15% heavier for tough baling conditions.

Cornstalk Net Wrap

Sizes Available

Width Length Rolls Per Pallet
51" 9,840' 16
64" 7,000' 16
67" 7,000' 16