Pretty Good Twine Agricultural Products

Silage Film

  • Silage FilmCo-extruded and multilayered
  • High level of UV stabilizer prevents film degradation
  • Formulated for higher strength
  • High puncture resistance
  • Offers an airtight and weatherproof shield
  • Successfully used on round or big square bale wrappers
  • Developed over 20 years ago
  • Performs well in both cool and wet months of spring and hot and dry summer months.

Silage FilmProduct Traceability

Every roll of stretch wrap is individually marked with a production code number on the inner core. From this number it is possible to trace the precise production history.

Technical Data

Covered Bales
Film Width 750M
Film Length 1500M
Film Thickness 25 micron (1 mil)
Color White
Rolls/Pallet 20 Boxed Rolls
Core Type Plastic